June Things, 2017

May was weird. There were substantial interruptions for life, but I got a lot done – some of it was even on the book!

Three Things for May

  1. revise Song – finish a readable second draft.
    1. second pass revision plan – completed the revision plan, consisting of (initially) 170 items.
    2. second pass revision – I was hoping to finish this in May, which isn’t going to happen. As I write this I am at 87%, so I expect I will call it done some time in the first week of June.
      To be honest, finishing this draft was a stretch goal in May so I am quite happy to have made such solid progress.
  2. blog posts – I was planning to continue with process posts, and I did that inasmuch as I wrote one post about my revision plan. Nothing else published, though… I have a couple of half posts based on passing whims, but I need to try to write more posts.
  3. Coppersmith – didn’t do anything with this, dash it all.

Consistent progress on the primary goal, but I’ve really been focussed on that to the point that other writing has fallen off the plate.

Three Things for 2017

Let’s hold up my progress to the goals I set for the year.

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – feeling good about this draft, and it looks like I will have this in reader hands in early June as I had hoped.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – booked a couple of pitch sessions at WilWriteConf in August. Now I just need to figure out my pitch…
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn – no work. This may be the one that withers on the vine, since I don’t know when I am even going to work on writing more of this story for my game group. As I have said to the other players, if I work on Dawn then I don’t work on the book, and right now the book has to win.

It looks very much like I will have a competent draft of Song by the end of July. That’s good news.

Three Things for June

  1. revise Song – finish a readable second draft.
    1. second pass revision – nearly done, but still have 21 items remaining.
    2. solicit feedback from beta readers – looking to get this draft in reader hands in early June.
  2. blog posts – time to pick up the pace here. Goal is one a week.
  3. short fiction – while I am waiting for reader feedback, I should look at some short stories.
  4. pitching – I will need to figure out my pitch for Song and any other stories I want to have in my back pocket.

Well, four things for June. Hopefully I will able to get to some of them once the the Song draft is done!

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