August Things, 2017

Temporal Note: I’m posting this a little more than a week into August, when the conference I talk about is in the past because that’s when most of it was written. I will write about the conference at some point, but this goals update is written as if it has not already happened.

This is my 2017 Things post for August, where I review what I did last month and set goals for the next.

Three Things for July

July was a month for getting back to my writing. It went OK.

  1. revise Song – the goal was to prepare a solid third draft.
    1. review beta feedback – reviewed feedback received. It was very helpful, pointing out several things that if corrected would improve the story and its telling.
    2. third pass revision plan – prepared a revision plan based on feedback and my own notes. The plan has two parts: a hierarchical todo list and a matrix of touchstones by chapter.
    3. third pass revision – worked through the plan. Trying to get this whole plan finished in one month was too ambitious, but the book is better and it will get better still.
  2. short fiction – I was going to finish the story I began on holiday, but I didn’t touch it. I think I need to make more of an effort.
  3. pitching – done. I attended a pitching workshop and met some very interesting writers as well as receiving some good pitch advice. The end result was that I had a well-worked pitch for Song and a back-up pitch for Livia. The Livia pitch was more to demonstrate that I can finish more than one book than out of any expectation that anyone would really be interested in it.

1.5 out of three, I would say, but the main win is that I stayed on top of the writing.

Three Things for 2017

The year is seven twelfths done. Where stand my goals?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – third draft is underway. The the second draft was readable, but the third draft needs to be awesome and it’s not yet. So, more work to do.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – got the pitches done.
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn – no work. I’m abandoning this goal.

Progress where it was needed. I will take it.

Three Things for August

  1. Willamette Writers conference – my first writing conference! I’ve been to a couple of conventions before, both professional and fan-based, but this is the first going to a writing conference. Goals:
    1. pitching – mostly Song, of course
    2. critique group – I met some really interesting writers at the pitch workshop, so need to reestablish contact and make sure we stay in touch for critiques and work-sharing in the future.
    3. learning – looking at some technical sessions, some things I am just interested in.
  2. revise Song – finalise the third draft.
  3. short fiction – work on at least one story

August looks a lot like July, but with even narrower focus.

Let’s get on with it.

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