Blog Schedule

This blog hasn’t really been on a schedule of any kind in a little while, and it shows – the only regular posts are the goals updates, with occasional excursions into craft and process.

The reasons for this are many fold but mostly revolve around working on The Book. I don’t really mind if I blog less in order to write fiction, but I also don’t want to have Identity Function fall to abandonment. Also also, there is the fact that when I have a regular schedule I write more in general. I started this blog as a way to keep the fingers moving, and that is still a relevant purpose.

Which is all to say that I am going to be starting a new blog calendar this week. There isn’t any particular significance to the timing apart from having returned energised from the Willamette Writers Conference, but this week is when the calendar starts.

From here, you should see weekly posts on Tuesday following this sequence each month:

  • first Tuesday: writing craft
  • second Tuesday: context – science, politics, and so on
  • third Tuesday: business of writing
  • fourth Tuesday: inputs – books, games, and other media
  • fifth Tuesday: wildcard

I will still be writing my monthly Things posts, and those will appear close to the first of each month.

And that’s my plan. I will see you back here tomorrow for the first post of the new schedule.

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