September Things, 2017

August had events in it, and that’s for sure.

Three Things for August

  1. Willamette Writers conference – well, that was splendid. It was also intense – I was worn out at the end of the three days, but it was a good kind of weariness filled with affirmation and enthusiasm. Definitely looking forward to coming back.
    • pitching – good outcomes to the pitches. The pitching process itself was fascinating, and I learned things about my story while I was pitching it which was enlightening.
    • critique group – we’ve added another enthusiastic writer to the critique group and this looks like it is going somewhere! I’m so happy.
    • learning – I went to sessions that seemed relevant, but I also went to sessions that were a couple of steps to the side of where I usually work. I am pretty serious about producing Livia as an audiobook now.
  2. revise Song – I have made progress on this, but mostly on the early chapters. I would rather have the entire revision done before submitting even early parts. So, this is September priority.
  3. short fiction – I wrote a bit more of the story I started in Iceland, but it’s not quite there yet. I also ran into another writer at the eclipse party* we went to who was very encouraging of my efforts.

One of the things about August is that it felt like I got nothing done in the moment because I had a lot of other stuff happening, between camping trips, a crunch at the day job (which didn’t steal time so much as emotional energy), and the sudden death of the day job CEO (which took all my emotional energy in one vertiginous gasp). So when I look back and see that I touched most of my goals for the month I am both pleased and surprised.

And I also got things done I didn’t plan, like restarting some kind of schedule for this blog and experimenting with audiobook production.

So only 2/3, but a good month despite that.

Three Things for 2017

The fractions just keep coming – two thirds through the year. How goes it overall?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – the third draft is not yet awesome, but it’s getting better.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – made my pitches at the conference, and got requests for samples! Very excited about this. But, the samples need to be awesome (see above).
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn investigate producing Livia as an audiobook – replacing the abandoned goal with the audiobook version of Livia. I have a decent microphone now, and some good information on how to process recordings. So, I won’t get this completed by the end of the year, but I should be able to figure out if this is something I want to do or not.

Like I say, a pretty decent month.

Three Things for September

  1. revise Song – finalise the third draft.
  2. critique group – maintain contact, keep working with these lovely people.
  3. short fiction – complete a story, plan a few more.
  4. audiobook experiments – do some recordings, experiment with different environments and audio processing.

September is about getting things done.

[*] there was an eclipse in Oregon and we had somewhere we could see the totality. It was worth it, even the 4h30m drive home.

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