Racism is Bad, M’Kay?

There are lots of things to argue about in politics, but one of the things I thought we had broadly settled was that racism was a bad thing.

Obviously, I’m white. I was also oblivious.

People of colour have known that racism was alive and well even when we had a black President, but the change of political climate over the last eighteen months or so has taken the racist undertones of the past into something close to an acceptable political position.

There are lots of reasons I find Trump appalling, but the legitimsation of overtly racist politics is probably the single most damaging thing about his regime*.

So, I want to be quite clear about my beliefs here because apparently we actually have to say this now:

  1. racism is bad
  2. misogyny is bad
  3. homophobia is bad
  4. making decisions about anyone based solely on properties that they have no control over is unjust, immoral and, well, bad.

Can we at least agree on that?

[*] it’s not the only thing because the whole corrupt bunch are engaged in nothing more than deliberate vandalism, but it’s the thing that degrades our politics the most.

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