January Things, 2018

December was blighted by illness, just like November. This has been one of the worst cold and flu seasons I can remember, and we’re only half way through.

Still, let’s see where I got to despite that.

Three Things for December

  1. finish November novel – completed, although I still haven’t done the in-a-draw printout. I have paper, and I have a stand-in cover. Still struggling with the chapter formatting.
  2. revise Song – no work. I effectively took the last week of December off from everything, and that included working on writing. I will say that I needed a break.
  3. short stories – no work, much as for the Song revision

One out of three… I really hate colds.

Three Things for 2017

Where does that leave me for last year as a whole?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – incomplete. Made good progress, but still a lot to do.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – first stages complete, looking forward to continuing this quest in 2018.
  3. investigate producing Livia as an audiobook – equipment collected, but my voice has been shot for weeks now.

I’m going to give that 1.5/3 overall. Progress on all fronts, but nothing really finished.

Three Things for 2018

New year, new goals. What can I achieve today?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – this is obviously the most important thing still. I want this done by the end of April.
  2. submit my work – this was going to be a goal about short stories, but then I remembered that I still need to get my novel in front of agents and then I realised that submitting my work is the actual goal here. A sub-goal will be finishing more short stories.

    I am aware that I should provide a measurable indicator, but I don’t have a good sense for what is a reasonable pace so I am resisting setting an arbitrary goal at this time.

  3. produce Livia as an audiobook – I know that this is something I want to do, now.

These are good goals, though.

Three Things for January

What a glorious luxury, setting goals only a few days into the month!

  1. finish a short story
  2. revise Song – get back to this
  3. re-engage with crit group

The ruins aren’t smoking any more, so time to rebuild.

Things in Retrospect

This completes my first full year of using three things as my primary planning tool.

I think it’s working.

There are a lot of similarities with my old sabbat-timed traffic light indicator system, but the reporting burden is a lot lower. What I really like is the scalability: I am using three things down to the day level of detail, and finding value in that daily planning process.

So, while I cannot claim that three things is necessarily making me more productive at this point, I can say that I have a much clearer sense of where I stand with my goals from a daily perspective which the previous system really didn’t support.

Finally, as an extension of the simpler reporting, this turn-of-year post was much much easier to write.


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