Aftermath II: The Aftermathening

A major benefit of Three Things is that you can see when you are starting to get off-track.

I am off-track.

If I was feeling right I would be correcting things: putting in more effort on the things that need it, triaging away the things that aren’t as urgent, setting aside dedicated time to focus on a knotty task. This is how I work on problems.

The sad thing is that I am not right. I haven’t felt actually well for more than a day at a time since the middle of October. It’s been low-grade fevers and sore throats, congestion and exhaustion and muscle pain. I’ve always just worked through colds in the past, since they’re viral infections that can’t be hurried along, and during November I am entirely focussed on The Book so I didn’t have time to think about my health.

The effect is that the amount of energy I have had to spend on anything has reduced radically over the last couple of months. I’ve had no more effort available to apply, the triaging has been de facto (ie I just haven’t done stuff), and the time I would usually set aside for dedicated work has been destroyed by my being, functionally, a zombie outside of the day job.

My not getting better finally penetrated my consciousness this week. One of my kids was diagnosed with strep throat last week, and I went in to see if something like that was what was underlying my persistent illness: rather than the continuous series of colds that I was used to, maybe this was a long-term infection instead?

The drugs have helped a bit, and I got word back from the doctor that there is strep there for me too, with all the antibiotics that that entails.

Here’s to getting back on track.

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