I find one of the most uncomfortable things about recovering from illness is suddenly seeing all the things that I haven’t been doing.

One of these things is of course this blog, which I will come back to writing about sensible things soon, but right now my primary concern is getting better.

Where I am right now is that I’ve finished the course of antibiotics which means the strep appears to be gone. This means the constantly scratchy throat is smooth and the swollen lymph nodes in my neck are more normal. I’m getting a bit more energy back, reestablishing work patterns and trying to get back to exercising.

I am starting from a very low base, unfortunately.

When I was at the doctor the other week my vitals were pretty decent, but the way I keep them that way is by exercising. If I had had a couple of weeks off I would start by running, but I’ve had more like three months without significant exercise so I am going to start a bit more gently.

But I am going to start. It’s time.

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