Pillow Thought

I am very much enjoying breathing through my nose.

Snot is not something I enjoy being obsessed with, but its chronic over-production makes my life miserable so I have to keep thinking about it.

I’ve written already this year about colds and recovering from colds, along with certain epiphanies over the years around my sleeping environment and how it has caused so much congestion. The other night I woke up with my nose plugged (again) and suddenly thought that it could be my pillow.

So I switched pillows. I have a sleeping pillow and an extra propping-up pillow – the propper-up is much thinner, but even without enough neck support and only a couple of hours of sleep I woke up feeling better than I had in a while.

What I should have done was to go and buy a new pillow immediately, but I decided to try washing the old one first. That was better, but replacing the pillow entirely was better still.

This should be a calendar thing every few years: replace pillow.

Now that the quality of my sleep is improved I just have to get enough of it.

Post Script: this post was written when I had just bought my new pillow and had woken up snot-free the morning after. As I am publishing it a few days later I have to mention that I have been slightly congested again on subsequent mornings as my body has adjusted to its less allergen-rich environment. It is still a lot better than with the old pillow, though.

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