Panther Time

I’m afraid I missed last week’s blog post because I was working on a short story that had a deadline. This week’s post is late for the same reason.

But I want to talk about Black Panther.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s really good.

The most substantive complaint I’ve read is that Martin Freeman’s American accent is pretty ropey — about as bad as Dick van Dyke’s Cockney accent, according to some. I have a tin ear for American accents, but it sounds fine to me: similar to Hugh Laurie’s in House, in fact. I had more trouble with Benedict Cumberbatch’s accent in Doctor Strange.

But I loved the tribal interactions, and the family relationships, and all the internal conflicts. This was a film about the past catching up with the present, and if the film has a flaw it is that T’Challa has too few faults. Perhaps there isn’t room for them in the story since Boseman’s king is mostly dealing with the consequences of others’ actions, but I hope the sequels will see T’Challa grow on a personal level a bit more.

There is too much wonder in this film to pick a favourite part, but I thought Shuri was a particularly good character. Actually, all the female characters were great: each was distinct, each had agency. They were presented as the backbone of Wakanda.

Highly recommended.

Wakanda forever!

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