Month: June 2018

Swan Times

I’ve been doing the work the last few months which has, as noted in my last post here, precluded regular blogging.

I wanted to talk a bit about what I’ve been doing over the last twelve weeks or so, and I also have an announcement.


  • Song revision — I’ve nailed down the plot and have all the breadcrumbs I need in place for some characters and themes. I’m currently in the middle of a punch list read, where I have questions written on a card which I try to hold in mind as I read the text. I am finding lots of things to improve as I go. I’ll talk more about the completion target date for this book in my next status post, but I think it will be done by the end of summer. I am very pleased with how it reads.
  • short stories — I finished another short story and sent it off.
  • travelling — mostly family-related, but I also had a valuable retreat weekend.
  • recording — trying a couple of things out with audio and video recording. Look for more about that soon.

So that’s what I’ve been doing — now on to the announcement.

The Announcement

I’ve been working more on short stories recently, and part of my motivation is that I am proud to be a contributor to a new science fiction quarterly magazine called Boundary Shock Quarterly, where I am delighted to be published alongside many accomplished and talented writers. You’ll be seeing at least two stories a year from me there, including one in the first issue, “Captain’s Log”.

I’m excited to share my short fiction with you all.

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