August Things, 2018

Back onto regular goals posts… July has not been a bad month creatively, with some solid work on Song, but let’s break down the specifics a bit more.

Three Things for July

  1. revise Song
    1. finish punch list read: done.
    2. apply punch list comments: about 40% done, but what’s left is to be folded into the general third pass comment set and worked on there.
  2. draft next short story: I’ve written a more complete outline but no draft yet. I have two months to finish this, which is eminently doable.
  3. make some Livia recording tests: no work.

I’m going to call that 1.5/3. Other things that have happened include:

  • submission planning – I have collected some information to help me get other short stories out the door.
  • health – I’ve renewed my focus on health goals, especially around my weight. Three weeks in and the results are promising.

Three Things for 2018

The year continues warm. Are my goals still fresh?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – I still think I can get the third draft completed in this quarter, so by the end of September. As I’ve said before, the punch list read showed me that while there are still problems, the book is closer than I had feared.
  2. submit my work – a goal in two parts:
    1. submit Song once it is done
    2. complete and submit short stories

    Third BSQ short story is under way. Done some research on other markets. I will worry more about Song submission once I have a worthy draft.

  3. produce Livia as an audiobook – my voice continues to strengthen, but I did not make any more motion towards doing recordings last month.
    One interesting note though is that had my ears cleaned out so that I can actually hear better now. This will undoubtedly help with the editing.

Three Things for August

August has lots of things going on so my creative goals will need to be a little more modest, but these are the things I am committing to:

  1. Willamette Writers conference – bit of a cheat since it’s not like I’m pitching or anything this year, but this is still an important event for me to attend.
  2. revise Song – incorporate outstanding punch list comments into third pass list, and fix another third of the third pass comments.
  3. short stories
    • draft next short story
    • submit an existing story

Note that there are no audiobook goals this month because I am sure I will not have time.


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