Weigh Time

I’m probably not going to do an update on this every month, but things are still changing fast enough that it is worth it for now.

  1. my weight has dropped almost two stone — I’m still averaging about two pounds a week1, and my usual routines have reestablished themselves. I feel lighter in myself.
  2. I’m able to wear clothes I haven’t fitted into for years — I mentioned shirts last time, but now it’s trousers and jeans in smaller sizes which I can not only squeeze into but actually spend a comfortable day in.
    One side note here is that the smaller jeans in particular don’t have big enough pockets to hold my phone. The last time I wore these was before I got a smart phone, and my current device is huge in comparison to the flip phone I had before. So I have had to get a phone holster to go on my belt so I can sit down while wearing my jeans.
    Bonus: I can use this holster with anything.
  3. running continues to be easier — I am routinely seeing sub-nine minute pace over some pretty challenging routes, and even had a sub-7:30 mile coming down hill2. Today’s run is emblematic: I did a standard route and thought I had gone quite slowly because I kicked out too fast and then had to slow down a bit in the last mile, but when I checked my records it was the fastest I had run that route.
    More significant is that I can run more; I have been able to increase my runs to five a week from four without additional discomfort. In fact, my joints feel much less painful in general.
    Also, I just like how loose-limbed I am feeling when I run now. It’s relaxing to go out rather than dreary.

It’s been very positive.

The immediate goal is to regain my lifetime membership status with Weight Watchers3, a goal with which I have a slightly contentious relationship.

The last time I was following a Weight Watchers programme, I followed the plan but I wasn’t eating enough. The zero point foods were very restricted and contained no protein, and I ended up dropping weight past my goal to the point where I couldn’t stop losing. I increased my food intake with maintenance points and I was still shedding, so the meeting leader and I finagled the goal weight a little bit so I could stabilise at a lower weight that was closer to where I had landed while still satisfying the rules as they were then. Then I got my lifetime membership.

But the lower weight was not sustainable, as I had feared, and the purported lifestyle changes didn’t stick because I had been depriving myself in order to stay on programme4. I basically went back to my old eating habits within a month.

So, as I approach my goal weight, I find myself reviewing my records from 2006 and thinking that I need to talk to the leaders at my meeting to see what they think is the best way to negotiate this process. Do I aim for the original goal weight, which is less than ten pounds away now, or for the lower weight I have written on my lifetime membership card (which would probably be sustainable, given the newer programme).

It’s an interesting problem, but it’s a good problem to have.

[1] a kilogramme

[2] which obviously doesn’t count as a PB, but does have the benefit of teaching my body what that feels like so I can push for that pace on the flat.

[3] soon to be rebranded as “WW”, mostly to de-emphasise the weight loss portion of the programme, but I have thoughts on that I will share another time.

[4] the point of Weight Watchers is to encourage lifestyle changes and to not feel deprived in the process, but the older programme didn’t support that at all.

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