NaNoPreMo 2018

October is a month effulgent with promise, for National Novel Writing Month is only a few short weeks away and it is time to think about what to write. October is National Novel Prep Month.

I have a short series of posts to inspire your own preparations for the rigours of November. There are many approaches to prepping for the literary frenzy, but this series is going to follow a plan tuned for speculative fiction:

  1. setting – spec fic is usually grounded in the setting where the story happens.
  2. characters – every story needs characters that people want to read about.
  3. structure – call it plot, call it narrative arc: stories that engage need some kind of structure.
  4. outline – this is a more contentious topic because some writers object to the very idea of outlining their work, and that is their right. I need an outline, though.

You may gather from these topics that I am not really a pantser when it comes to NaNoWriMo: this is the kind of planning I find I need to make the writing function.

By all means follow along as I apply these steps to my own book.

A Note on Content

In this series I’m going to be developing a story which I am not currently planning to write because I already have a story for November this year, but having a concrete example is more helpful I think than talking abstractly about Character A and Character B gallivanting about in Setting Y.

Welcome, therefore, to the world of Spores.

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