NaNoWriMo 2018: The First Week

We are now a week into November. Writing is well under way.

The first few days of November are always a hasty flurry of words, but it is about now when I start quantity surveying in earnest: the 6th is 20% of the month so I am always looking at what I’ve got to see where I am compared to my goals.

The specific things I usually look at are:

  • chapter count – if I’m aiming for 25 chapters, say, how many have I written? This can expand, I find, if one planned chapter ends up being massively longer or plottier than expected. Those are the amoeba chapters.
  • plot – the chapter outlines I usually do also give me a gauge on where I am in the plot.

This year I am only looking at word count only since my chapter outlines aren’t completely laid out, but I’m at 17k now so I am on track for my goal of 70k.

How are you wordings going?

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