November Things, 2018

Running a little late on this because staying on track with NaNoWriMo has been consuming most of a reduced pool of writing time. But, I want to review progress and see where I am.

Three Things for October

  1. revise Song — finished the punch list revisions and completed work on the third pass comments. Out to my crit group now for feedback.
    I’m very pleased to have this draft done.
  2. NaNoWriMo — two things:
    • prep for writing in November — did a good amount of prep but didn’t quite manage the full set of chapter outlines I was aiming for. I definitely had enough to start writing, though.
    • post a series of NaNoPreMo blog posts — done.
  3. setup audio recording area — no work on this. I mean, I did some more office tidying, but no progress on the booth.

That’s 2/3 for anyone’s money.

Again, I did not explicitly mention health goals. Those are at an interesting stage which I will, as usual, talk about in a later post, but in short I am reaching the point of considering how to maintain my positive outcomes. That’s something else I am pleased about.

October, in fact, was a splendid month.

Three Things for 2018

Where am I on my goals as the year draws to a close?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song — draft done. Now I just have to query it.
  2. submit my work — a goal in two parts:
    1. submit Song once it is done
    2. complete and submit short stories

    Song is done so I need to submit that.
    I had an opportunity to refine my third Boundary Shock Quarterly story, which ate a little into other tasks but had a good outcome.

  3. produce Livia as an audiobook — no new work.

I feel like most of these goals are coming home. I am sad about the audio book progress, but I am getting word things done.

Three Things for November

NaNoWriMo is here.

  1. NaNoWriMo — make the words.
  2. blog — don’t forget to do blog things! *
  3. office clean-up — still a mess, still need space for an audio area.

To the word mines!

[*] narrator voice: He totally forgot to do blog things.

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