NaNoWriMo: The Middle

Well, we’re half done with November even if November is not yet done with us.

I had a bigger day yesterday than I expected. My regular write-in was intensely productive, and between that the other hours I managed a little over 5k for the day. I always love it when the words flow so freely! It was an exciting scene too, which always helps.

That big day meant I managed to push through 40k for the month, which is more than half way to my 70k target.

I do need some plot survey, though: I will be writing this evening after the day job is done, and I want to see where I am in the plot I have in mind. I am also starting to stray into the Bits I Haven’t Properly Plotted Yet, so a bit of planning may be necessary to keep the words coming after this weekend. As I recall, the things that went wrong in 2006 (the closest I have come to not finishing NaNoWriMo) were in the third week (although that story had big problems anyway).

Back to the point, though: I have 4/7 of the draft I had planned, but have I gone through 4/7 of the plot?

Even though I haven’t done complete chapter outlines, I know I would usually be planning on about 35 chapters of 2000 words each, so I will use that as a proxy.

Word count: 40k/70k = 57%
Chapters: 18.5/35 = 53%

Well, that’s pretty close: this slight dilation of the chapter length is almost expected by now. I think I am at the central turning point of the story with my emissary awakening, so it looks like things are more or less on track overall. If I run out of November before I run out of plot then I will probably carry on into December a little bit.

How is your writing going?

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