NaNoWriMo: The End

I kind of fell across the finish line on Friday so I spent the weekend just remembering what daylight looked like.

How did it go, in the end?

My final validated word count was 75,392 words. The NaNoWriMo word count validator gave me about 300 more words than Scrivener thought, which is not unusual, but still – I averaged a little over 2.5k a day for the whole of November.

The story isn’t done, though. I’m probably about 25k away from the end of the book, and I will be working to finish that off over the next few weeks — not at the same pace, of course, because that was too all-consuming, but if I write about a thousand words a day I will be done before the end of the year. I am changing ink colour on my maze tracker, though, so as to draw a distinction between November words and December words.

I can’t offer any judgement on how the story actually is. My process is to not read a novel manuscript until several weeks have passed, so even if the story was actually complete now I wouldn’t be reading it until January anyway.

But running this without a formal outline has been a good experience. I feel like the story has gone places it would not have with a more detailed outline. I do know that the story currently suffers from meetingitis, where the characters exchange information by having meetings all the time.

But now it’s back to the word mines for me.

How did your November go?

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