Continuing Improvement

I went for a run the other day.

That’s not so unusual, of course. I run several times a week, because despite still being a cyclist who runs I do rather enjoy running.

When I got back I found that I had run a personal best for the route — indeed, I had clocked my fastest mile (downhill, I should say) which is at least a good thing to show my body how to go that speed.

That isn’t so unusual either, as it happens, but it’s one of four personal bests I have run this week.

Cycling vs Running

I started running because I wasn’t cycling, but even when I started riding again I found that running was a more time-efficient way to get the intensity of exercise that I look for.

But whenever I get back on a bike I always remember that while I like running, I love cycling.

Like A Record Baby, Right Round Round Round

As part of our continuing health journey, we’ve joined a local gym. Well, more precisely, my wife joined the gym and I go to one class a week.

It’s a spin class. While I’m not getting out on the bike at this time of year, the spin class gives me almost every part of cycling* that I love best. It’s an hour of intense riding where I don’t have to work to stay upright and it wears me out in the best way.

Spinning is also reminding me what turning my legs over quickly is really like, hence all my recent personal bests on my running routes.

The Bests

Over the last week I have run:

  • a hilly four miler from our house in sub-nine minute miles, roughly ten seconds faster per mile.
  • a flat five down by the river in 8:24 miles. For context, I ran a 4K two years ago on waterfront there in 8:22. This is also 40s a miles faster than the previous best on this route.
  • a hilly four from the day job in 8:19 miles, including a new downhill record mile, twenty seconds faster per mile on average.
  • a hilly trail seven miler from our house in sub-ten minute miles, which is about a minute and a half faster per mile than my previous best.

It’s a good week for health goals.

[*] the thing that’s missing is bombing down a forty mile an hour hill.

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