Mental Weight and Misdirected Energy

When I wrote about Marie Kondo and her method I thought I would be able to wait. I thought then that I could fit the decluttering in around other projects.

But I was wrong. I am having enormous trouble focussing on my writing work because the mental weight of the tidying work is blocking me from thinking about it.

There are practical considerations about this block. When I have time I am so distracted by the febrile energy of the clutter that I cannot enter the right mind set to write. There is a card table that I took into my office as a temporary work space but it’s been in there most of the year now; it’s taking up half the space on its own.

But even when I am away from my usual workspace I cannot separate myself from the drag of the need for tidying.

And so, with that, I am going to officially Not Write for the next week or so — maybe the rest of January — to allow me the mental space to approach the tidying wholeheartedly.

If I am not going to write I would rather make that a deliberate choice. What I am doing now is close to hell.

I won’t be finished in a week, but I believe I will have cleared enough space (physically and mentally) to work again.

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