Burnout or Laziness?

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was taking a break from writing to let myself spend time working on clutter.

And that time has been successful in that I have done no writing at all. I have worked on some Magic decks, and sorted cards, but basically I have taken a break from anything. In truth, I have been feeling creatively drained — I have taken time to actually read a whole book rather than vomitting out words.

I needed this break, just like I needed the break over Christmas.

However it was beginning to feel like laziness.

Then on Monday I got up at my usual time and had my usual breakfast and I mooched around as I usually do — it always takes me a while to wake up, so the mooching is necessary. But even after a cup of tea and all the other routines I found that I was still basically asleep.

So I went back to bed, and slept for another six hours.

I am feeling better now, I’m glad to say. It seems to have been a minor fever based on how other members of my family have suffered the same way, but I am still pretty flattened. I would usually run from the office but I deliberately left my gear at home.

More significant is that I can feel the flickering flames of the creative urge. The burnout was real, but it was not just laziness that led to my not writing.

Time to get back on the horse. Probably just a trot, just yet. Let’s keep the cantering in all directions for when the flames are burning hotter.

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