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A Surprising Change

both cats in happier times

both cats in happier times

I was very sad on Friday because our cat had just passed. She was a good cat.

Unfortunately, I have become increasingly allergic to cats over the years. I used to have more or less no reaction at all, then I started to find my skin peeling if I spent a lot of time stroking a cat after a long period without exposure, then I couldn’t have the cats on the bed, then I couldn’t sit on the sofa after the cats had been shedding on it. I only realized how bad things were when we went cabin-camping and I got almost no sleep but still felt more clear-headed than I did at home. Our recently late cat was also the fuzziest cat I have ever met: a short-hair to be sure, but dense fur which generated enormous amounts of shed hairs and dander.

For the last year or more I have been taking loratadine every day (the generic term for the active ingredient in Claritin) and things have been much better – I’ve not been laid low with cat fuzz hangovers and things have been generally more manageable. I always felt slightly dubious of taking it over a long period because loratadine is by its nature more or less a topical remedy: you take it for a few weeks during the depths of pollen allergy season, or over a weekend when staying with cat-owning friends.

Now I’ve stopped taking it, and I am very surprised to find that I feel yet more clear-headed. Whether this is directly attributable to stopping the loratadine or is a consequence of coming down from the Shamrock run the other day I am not sure, but it’s a good feeling.

Something to keep an eye on, anyway. We are not rushing to get a new cat in any case.

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Goodbye, Maya

bow down before me, puny human.

bow down before me, puny human.

Maya was an imperious cat, always very sure of what she wanted.

We had to let her go this evening.

She was nearly sixteen years old and had been in fine shape until a few months ago, but then the same creeping illness that took her litter-mate Gatto a year ago started to creep up on her. We treated as well as we could, but that treatment brought on another condition, and… well.

All we could do was stop her from suffering any further. Her last couple of days saw some improvement, but it was a golden sunset – beautiful and welcome, but still the end of the day. She was my wife’s cat first, but I know she was comfortable with me too.

Thank you for many years of amusement and company, fuzzy cat. You will be sorely missed.

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