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So, Constantine – the new TV show, I should say, rather than the Keanu Reeves vehicle*.

I read Hellblazer almost since it started having enjoyed John Constantine mightily in Swamp Thing – I think the first issue I picked up was #6, and it immediately struck a chord with me. He wasn’t the reason I started wearing a trench coat when I lived in Nottingham, but it didn’t hurt. I read the comic all the way through to the end of Warren Ellis’s run, and I still have a lot of affection for the character and the stories.

In those terms, I have to say that I approve of the NBC show. There are elements that make me unhappy, like having all the current supporting cast be American – even Chas, for pity’s sake – but the spirit of the original stories is certainly there, and the lead actor is more or less perfectly cast. He carries off the insouciance of John Constantine exceptionally well.

I’m really looking forward to future episodes.

Well done, 8/10. This did not suck.

And I really liked the nod to the Jamie Delano version of the character in the closing graphic sequence. That was pretty special.

Time to reread all the stories I have, I think.

[*] which did, in fairness, have its own charms but it was not an especially faithful rendering of the source material despite Tilda Swinton’s excellent angel.

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