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Running teaches me many things, and one of those is that sometimes pushing is just a bad idea.

I’ve mentioned my favourite quote about keeping going before:

The hardest thing about fencing is not to fence when you feel like it, but to fence when you do not.

– Nick Evangelista, “The Art and Science of Fencing”

The other thing to learn is that sometimes not feeling like something is your body telling you to just stop and recover.

I tried running this morning and it was very bad. There was nothing in my legs and I ended up both cutting my run short and walking for part of it. Since I ran three times last week I don’t think it’s an issue with restarting without a base so I’m taking it as a sign that I just need to not run.

This feeling of not wanting sometimes invades my writing too – not at the moment, I’m glad to say, but sometimes. And those are times to stop and refill the well, or to work on another project.

How do you keep things fresh or work around those times when your efforts to write are sabotaged by just not being able to make yourself to?

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