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Breathing In and Breathing Out

I am not always a person in perfect equilibrium. I sometimes feel scratchy and irritable, unable to settle on tasks or finding little to enjoy in what I’m doing.

I usually attribute this to not writing enough, but I think that sometimes it is because I spend too much time with the figurative pen in hand, and not enough consuming the raw material needed to make stories.

Sometimes I breathe in, sometimes I breathe out.

This weekend has been a prime example of that. Saturday was productive, a quiet weekend with good time spent on plotting and machinating, but Sunday was… well, I was not in a good mood, and I failed to take proper advantage of the time I had for any task. Some of that could just be tiredness, but I had a solid night’s sleep so that shouldn’t really be a factor.

Then we watched a film – The Empire Strikes Back – and my equilibrium returned. I felt less scratchy, less off-balance. I felt like I could do good work on something.

I come back again to figuring out how to spend good time on my writing: the work I do at the day job soaks up so much of my effective creative energy, but then not all of the time I spend creatively should be in staring at the same words on the page.

I’ve not been reading enough lately. Maybe once the Shapes outline is done I should spend some real time on consuming books instead.

The well may be running dry. Time to refill it.

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