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Welcome to My New Home

This post is by way of reintroduction and rededication to the idea of this blog. It’s been a while.

Welcome, then, to Identity Function. I’m Dunx. I write things. In fact, I write a lot of things. I was described by a colleague once as having hypergraphia because I wrote so much stuff down, and so I thought that was an appropriate element to celebrate here.

I’m choosing to revive this place because I recently moved web hosts, which meant copying the WordPress gubbins. This reminded me that I had a blog and that I used to enjoy writing here.

Although I haven’t posted regularly in some time, I am still writing. The hypergraphia is very much in action, it’s just been a bit more private than it used to be.

My intention is to post at least once a week, usually on Tuesday. There might be a couple of bonus posts in the near future as I catch up on things, but I really want to talk more about the stories I write and my progress in getting these things out in the world.

So, if you are interested in science fiction and code, games and the business of playing at human, then please stick around. I hope you will be at least amused.

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